Anaphoric Antagonist was a Hobbyweight robot built by Team Radicus that competed at the first, and fifth RCG events. It was a purple, invertible, box-shaped tracked robot that was equipped with two ramming spikes.

Like many of Team Radicus's robots Anaphoric Antagonist didn't do too well in competition, finishing with a 1-4 record.

Robot History Edit

LTRC-02 Edit

Anaphoric Antagonist's first match was against P.I.T.B., it lost this match and was sent to the loser's bracket where it faced Tammy Dump Truck. It lost this match as well, and was eliminated from the competition.

RCG-304 Edit

Anaphoric Antagonist's first match this competition was against Brutis, this match started with Brutis spinning up to speed. Brutis then delivered a devastating blow to the side of Anaphoric Antagonist, which took out one half of its drive. 

Brutis then continued to slug out more hits before ripping half of its wedge out. Anaphoric Antagonist then briefly stopped moving before Brutis hit it again. However after this Brutis's weapon stopped working, the fight then consisted of Brutis shoving the barely mobile Anaphoric Antagonist until time ran out. 

Unsurprisingly the judges gave the match to Brutis, putting Anaphoric Antagonist into the loser's bracket where it faced Q2. This dull match consisted of Anaphoric Antagonist (still suffering from its fight against Brutis) unable to move on one side, and Q2 unable to get proper traction, and sliding all over the place.  

Eventually after several misses, and being ahead on points for most of the fight, Q2's lack of traction, and control got the better of it as it slammed into the wall, and got stuck. Q2 was then counted out, giving Anaphoric Antagonist its first ever win, without even having to do anything. 

This put Anaphoric Antagonist in the round of 16 where it faced Edward SpinnerHands. In yet another dull match, Edward SpinnerHands's weapon wasn't working, and once again neither was one half of Anaphoric Antagonist's drive. As a result of this the match consisted mainly of Edward SpinnerHands shoving Anaphoric Antagonist around until Anaphoric Antagonist broke down, and was counted out. This loss meant that Anaphoric Antagonist was eliminated from the competition. 

Wins/Losses Edit

Competition Weight Class Opponent(s) Round Results
LTRC-02 Hobbyweight P.I.T.B. Round of 24 Lost
Tammy Dump Truck Lost
RCG-304 Brutis Round of 20 Lost
Q2 Won
Edward SpinnerHands Round of 16 Lost
  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 4
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