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Booby Trap was a Middleweight robot built by Team Half-Life that competed in the first Robot Club & Grille event. It was a purple, and silver, two-wheeled, invertible robot armed with a lifting arm and axe on the same arm and a static "dustpan" trap on the front (hence the name). Booby Trap did very well in competition, winning 3 out of its 5 fights, and becoming the runner-up in its only appearance.

Robot History[]


Due to a lack of entries Booby Trap was already in the quarterfinals by the time it fought its first opponent: Lionheart. It won this match, and advanced to the semifinals where it faced Ice Cube. It won, and was now in the second semifinal round where it faced Super Skunk. It won this fight as well, and advanced to the final where it met Super Skunk yet again. It lost, and as Super Skunk needed to beat Booby Trap twice to win the championship, the two fought again. Booby Trap lost the second time as well, meaning that Booby Trap was declared the first ever LTRC Middleweight Runner-up.


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
LTRC-02 Lionheart

Ice Cube

Super Skunk

Super Skunk (x2)

Outside RCG[]

Booby Trap competed in BattleBots Season 3.0 where it performed much worse than it did at LTRC, only managing to reach the round of 64 before losing to Bouncing Betty.


  • Booby Trap was the only Middleweight to compete in LTRC-02 that had an active weapon.