Dreezle was an Antweight robot which competed in the final Robot Club & Grille event. It was a two-wheeled, silver, invertible robot armored in duct tape, and armed with a vertical flywheel at the front. Dreezle did poorly in competition, losing all but one of its fights, and retiring shortly after the competition.

Robot HistoryEdit



Dreezle is shoved out the push-out by Sandwich.

Dreezle's first opponent was furball. It lost this match by KO, after being shoved out the push-out zone. This put it in the loser's bracket where it faced Red Heat. It won this match by KO after shoving Red Heat out of the push-out zone. Dreezle then advanced to the Round of 12 where it faced Sandwich. It lost this match after being shoved out the push-out zone, and was eliminated from the competition.


Competition Wins Losses
RCG-305 Red Heat



  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
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