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Gefahr was an Antweight robot that registered to compete in the first LTRC event. It was a unpainted, two-wheeled, wedge-shaped robot armed with a diagonal spinning bar. However Gefahr ultimately dropped out, and never attempted to enter another LTRC event.

Robot History[]


Gefahr was originally registered to compete in LTRC-02, however it dropped out due to unknown circumstances. Gefahr never attempted to attend another LTRC event.

LTRC Record[]

Event Gefahr LTRC Record
LTRC-02 Dropped Out
RCG-212 Did not enter
RCG-301 Did not enter
RCG-303 Did not enter
RCG-304 Did not enter
RCG-305 Did not enter

Outside the Club & Grille[]

Gefahr competed at the final season of Comedy Central era BattleBots in the untelevised BattleAnts side event. It is unknow how it did as only the champion of that event, and only some highly scattered match details are known as of 2018.

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