HooLooVoo was a Beetleweight robot built by Team Tier that competed at the first LTRC event. It was a four-wheeled, silver, invertible, weaponless, box-shaped robot. HooLooVoo did not do very well in competition, losing both of its battles after a pair of lackluster fights.

Robot History Edit

LTRC-02 Edit

HooLooVoo's first match was against TBA, this match was rather lacklustre, consisting of HooLooVoo being shoved around the arena by TBA after HooLooVoo's driver misjudged TBA's traction. Unsurprisingly the judges voted in favor of TBA putting HooLooVoo in the loser's bracket where it faced Cat Scratch.

This match started with Cat Scratch spinning up to speed, HooLooVoo then slammed into it from the front causing titanium sparks to shoot off of its plow. However HooLooVoo's right wheel pin then fell off, causing the wheel to roll off, HooLooVoo spent the rest of the match circling around Cat Scratch which was struggling to even move. [1]

Controversially, despite HooLooVoo's general aggression, and Cat Scratch's lack of movement the judges gave the win to Cat Scratch. This meant that HooLooVoo was eliminated from the competition.


Competition Weight Class Opponent(s) Round Results
LTRC-02 Beetleweight TBA Quarter-Finals Lost
Cat Scratch Lost
  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2


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