MBA (short for Multi-Bot Action) was an Antweight Multibot that competed at the final LTRC event. It was a pair of two identical two-wheeled, silver, and purple, invertible, weaponless, box-shaped robots each weighing 227 kg, and each equipped with a wedge at the front. MBA proved very effective in competition, reaching the semifinals, and placing third.

MBA's main method of attack was to flank its opponents, and shove them out, however if that failed one half of the robot would usually make a suicide attack on the opponent. The builder of MBA also built Q2, and 3pd. Two robots which would also be quite successful.

Robot HistoryEdit


Dr. Holmes falls out the ring after being juked by MBA

Dr. Holmes falls out the push-out zone after being juked by one half of MBA.

MBA's first ever match was against the #2 ranked Antweight, Revenge of Dr. Holmes. This match started with both robots splitting, and flanking Dr. Holmes. However Dr. Holmes quickly got under one of the MBA Twins, and started shoving it around. It got away, and shoved the other twin out.

However in doing so Dr. Holmes drove itself out after being juked by the remaining twin. This bit of strategy gave MBA the win by KO, and it progressed to the Round of 12 where it faced the #9 ranked Antweight, Had A Dat. MBA won this fight on a judges decision, and progressed to the quarter-finals where it faced Bull-Ey.

It won this match on a judges decision as well, and advanced to the semi-finals where it faced the #1 ranked Antweight, furball. It lost this match by KO after both halves of MBA were shoved out the push-out zone by furball, putting it in the loser's bracket final where it faced the #3 ranked Antweight, Xylon. It lost this match as well, and was eliminated from the competition, becoming the final Antweight to place third at the Club & Grille.


Competition Wins Losses

Revenge of Dr. Holmes

Had A Dat




  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 2


  • Due to the way the robots entered the arena, and started their matches by splitting MBA can actually be classified as a Clusterbot rather than a Multibot.
  • MBA is one of the most successful Multibots in the Club & Grilles history.
  • Had there had been another event MBA would have been ranked #17 due to its performance in its debut event where it took out three mid to high ranked Antweights before losing to the #1, and #3 Antweights.


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