OddBall was a Lightweight robot from Indiana which competed at the fourth LTRC event. All that is known about OddBall comes from a picture of its remains, and its stats on the Lazy Toad website.

It was likely a iron framed, invertable, two-wheeled, box-shaped robot with semi-exposed wheels, and a flat rear end which likely had plexiglass anti strand bumps. No pictures of the robot intact are known to exist, but it is known that it was a thwackbot.

Based on the rust patterns, OddBall likely had a blue, orange, and red color scheme. OddBall performed decently in competition, placing third out of the five bots in its field at RCG-303. Despite this the robot was promptly sold, and ultimately scrapped.

Robot HistoryEdit


OddBall was initially intended to compete at RCG-301. However it ultimately dropped out.


OddBall's first match at RCG-303 was against grabber, Pinchy. It lost this match, and was sent to the loser's bracket where it faced the horizontal flywheel of Amish Rebellion. It beat Amish Rebellion, and advanced to the loser's final where it faced Pinchy once more.

This time OddBall beat Pinchy, and was now in the consolation final where it faced Spear-It of Detroit. It lost this match, and was eliminated from the competition in third place.


Robots in Winter
Dropped Out
In Like a Lion
Third Place
Semi-Finals vs. Pinchy Lost
Semi-Finals vs. Amish Rebellion Won
Loser's Final vs. Pinchy Won
Consolation Final vs. Spear-It of Detroit Eliminated


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 2

LTRC RecordEdit

Event OddBall LTRC Record
LTRC-02 Did not enter
RCG-212 Did not enter
RCG-301 Dropped Out
RCG-303 Third Place
RCG-304 Did not enter
RCG-305 Did not enter


Remains of OddBall

The rusting remains of OddBall.

  • After RCG-303 OddBall was sold to a new owner, and OddBall was promptly parted out. As of 2018 all that is left of OddBall is its frame, which is slowly rusting away in an Indiana scrapyard.
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