Payback was a Hobbyweight robot that competed in RCG-304. It was a silver, two-wheeled, invertible, wedge-shaped robot similar in shape to BattleBots legend Voltarc. Like its inspiration, it was armed with a lifting arm that had a tooth on it to hold its opponents in place as it lifted them.

Payback did extremely well in competition, winning the Hobbyweight Division of RCG-304 without losing a single fight. Strangely Payback did not return to defend its title the following event, nor did it ever compete in any other competitions, leaving it as one of the uncommon robots to go undefeated throughout their career.

Robot HistoryEdit


Like many robots in the Hobbyweight division of RCG-304 Payback recieved a bye in the first round, putting it in the Round of 16 where its first opponent was BlueGill. It won this match, and advanced to the Round of 12 where it faced Auto-Destruct. Once again it won, and advanced to the Quarter-Finals where it faced Angry Dragon. It won this match as well putting it in the Semi-Finals where it faced P.I.T.B. It won this match, and advanced to the finals where it faced P.I.T.B. once again. It won this fight as well, and became the Hobbyweight Champion of RCG-304.


Competition Wins Losses




Angry Dragon

P.I.T.B. (x2)

  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 0


Undefeated Robot (5 wins)
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