Rolling Blackout was a Lightweight robot built by Team Overload that registered to compete in the first LTRC event. It was a black, four wheeled robot, armed with a lifting arm. However the robots real weapon was its speed, Rolling Blackout had a lot of (for its time) high tech components.

It had two custom four HP brushless DC motors powering the drive system and one custom 2 HP brushless motor operating the lifting arm. With a closed loop servo system borrowed from a missile development program and 2 hand built 48 Volt NiCad battery packs.

All of this resulted in a top speed of 40mph, needless to say Rolling Blackout had the potential to be the fastest robot to ever compete at thr Lazy Toad Robot Club & Grille. However the robot did not wind up competing, and as a result that honor goes to Auto-Destruct.

Outside LTRCEdit

Rolling Blackout was originally built to compete in the first three seasons of Comedy Central's Battlebots. Despite forfeiting its only match in Season 3.0, it managed to reach the round of 64 in Season 4.0, but lost in the preliminary rounds in Season 5.0. Rolling Blackout also competed in ROBOLympics 2004. However it did poorly there, losing both of its matches.

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