ShieldBreaker was a Heavyweight robot built by the infamous Team Wetware that competed at the first ever LTRC event. It was a gray, four-wheeled, box-shaped robot armed with a four foot spinning titanium bar. ShieldBreaker did poorly in competition, losing both of its matches. Shieldbreaker also competed at the fourth North Carolina Robot Street Fight, where it did slightly better, winning one match, but losing two.

Robot HistoryEdit


ShieldBreaker's first match was against Tornado Mer. In this fight, ShieldBreaker's weapon was too low to hit Tornado Mer, which eventually knocked it out. ShieldBreaker, then was supposed to fight Tornado Mer again in the final. However it had taken too much damage in their last battle, and was forced to forfeit. This meant that it lost the match by default, and became the first ever Heavyweight Runner-up in the Robot Club & Grille's history.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
Event Wins Losses
LTRC-02 None Tornado Mer (x2) (one by forfeit)

Outside LTRCEdit

ShieldBreaker originally competed at BattleBots Long Beach, and Vegas 99 as Mr. Bonestripper where it lost both of its first matches by forfeit. It then competed in Season 1.0, 2.0, and 4.0 losing its first matches there by forfeit as well before finally managing to win one match in Season 5.0 before losing by KO.


  • ShieldBreaker/Mr. Bonestripper holds the dubious honor of forfeiting the most matches in the history of the sport, with a total of 6 forfeits over the course of its career.
  • Only one of these forfeits was due to damage, the rest were due to electrical issues, or failing safety inspections.
  • ShieldBreaker's weapon was actually quite devastating, however it was mounted far too high to reach most robots.


Most matches forfeited in the history of the sport.

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