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Sub-Atomic Wedgie was an Antweight robot built by Team Half-Life that competed at the first LTRC event. It was a miniature version of the teams famous Superheavyweight robot Atomic Wedgie. Modeled after the robots first version, it was a gray, invertible, tracked robot armed with two spinning trifoils at the rear.

Sub-Atomic Wedgie performed poorly in competition, winning one fight, but losing two, and failing to make it past the round of 12.

Robot History[]


Sub-Atomic Wedgie's first match at LTRC-02 was against Clockwatcher III. It won this match, and moved onto the round of 12 where it faced Tin Mandy. It lost this match, and was sent to the loser's bracket whereupon it faced Chris Gilleski's Mostly Harmless II.

It lost once again, and as it was the loser's bracket, this meant that Sub-Atomic Wedgie was eliminated from the competition.


Sub-Atomic Wedgie - RESULTS
Lazy Toad Robot Conflict
Round of 12
Round of 16 vs. Clockwatcher III Won
Round of 12 vs. Tin Mandy Lost
Round of 12 vs. Mostly Harmless II Eliminated


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2

LTRC Record[]

Event Sub-Atomic Wedgie LTRC Record
LTRC-02 Round of 12
Hobbyweight Round of 32 with Gimp
Lightweight Round of 16 with Maryland Snakehead
Lightweight Quarter-Finalist with Skid Mark
Middleweight Runner-up with Booby Trap
RCG-212 Lightweight Quarter-Finalist with Skid Mark
Heavyweight Fourth Place with Skid Mark & Jersey Devil
RCG-301 Did not enter
RCG-303 Did not enter
RCG-304 Did not enter
RCG-305 Did not enter