Thingamadooter was a Middleweight robot built by Acme Robot Co. that competed in the fifth LTRC event. It was a unpainted, two-wheeled, invertable, box-shaped robot that could be armed with either a lifting fork or a spinning blade.

Despite the interchangable weaponry Thingamadooter was mostly built from scrap metal, and duct tape, and as a result did very poorly, losing both of its matches.

Robot HistoryEdit


Thingamadooter's first fight was against the dual vertical spinning bars of MoZar. It lost this match by KO, and was sent to the loser's bracket where it found itself in the Semi-Finals against Evil Doer. It lost this match on a judges decision, and was eliminated from the competition.


Thingamadooter registered for RCG-305, however the team dropped out, and Thingamadooter was promptly retired.


Secret Weapon - RESULTS
April Annihilator
Winner's Quarter-Finals vs. MoZar Lost
Semi-Finals vs. Evil Doer Eliminated


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2

LTRC RecordEdit

Event Thingamadooter LTRC Record
LTRC-02 Did not enter
RCG-212 Did not enter
RCG-301 Did not enter
RCG-303 Did not enter
RCG-304 Semi-Finals
RCG-305 Dropped Out
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