Tornado Mer was a Heavyweight robot built by Team Van Cleve that competed in the first three LTRC events. It was an four-wheeled, orange, circualr robot, with a tornado painted on the top. Tornado Mer was armed with a powerful Horizontal Spinning Bar capable of dealing massive damage. It put this to good use, as it managed to win the heavyweight championship in LTRC-02, and come second place in RCG-212.

Robot HistoryEdit


Tornado Mer's first match was against ShieldBreaker. In this match, ShieldBreakers spinner was too high to reach Tornado Mer's chassis, allowing Tornado Mer to rip pieces off of ShieldBreaker until it stoped moving. Tornado Mer was then scheduled to fight ShieldBreaker again for the championship.

However ShieldBreker had taken too much damage from the previous fight, and Tornado Mer won the fight by default after ShieldBreaker forfeited. This meant that Tornado Mer became the first ever Robot Club & Grille Heavyweight Champion.


This event the Heavyweight competition was held in the round robin format. Tornado Mer's first match was against The Well-Oiled Machine. It won by KO, and next fought the poorly armored rammer Timber Tantrum.

Tornado Mer rips into Basenji's wheel

Tornado Mer rips into Basenji's wheels.

It won this fight by KO, and next fought Basenji in a match that would decide the championship. This fight started with Tornado Mer spinning up, and immediatly removing a wheel from Basenji, as well as shredding another. However this hit also sent Tornado Mer into a gyroscopic spin from which it did not recover.

The match was then called into a time out, however the G-Forces from the robots now spinning body cause the contractor powering the weapon motor to be held in the closed position, and there was little else to do but wait for its batteries to wear down. [1] The fight went to the judges who gave the match to Basenji by KO. Tornado Mer then faced Timber Tantrum. again to determine who would be the runner-up. Tornado Mer won by KO, and became the RCG-212 Heavyweight Runner-up.


Evelyn flips Tornado Mer

Tornado Mer is flipped by Evelyn a modified Dawg.

After recieving a bye in the first round, Tornado Mer's first fight was against Evelyn a modified Dawg in the semifinals. This fight started with Evelyn box rushing Tornado Mer, this impact flipped Tornado Mer on its back, tornado mer then righted itself. Evelyn then kept pressure on Tornado Mer, preventing it from spinning up before shoving it into the wall.

Tornado Mer then got away, but Evelyn gave chase, and slammed Tornado Mer into the wall two more times. The second slam caused Tornado Mer to stop moving, time-out was called, and Tornado Mer was declared immobile, meaning that it had lost by KO.

This put Tornado Mer into the loser's bracket where it faced Frostbite 4.0. It lost this match by KO as well, and was eliminated from the competition.


  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 3
Competition Wins Losses
LTRC-02 ShieldBreaker None

The Well-Oiled Machine

Timber Tantrum (x2)

RCG-301 bye

Evelyn a modified Dawg

Frostbite 4.0

Outside LTRCEdit

  • Tornado Mer's battle card from RCG-212
  • Tornado Mer's battle card for RCG-301
After RCG-301 Tornado Mer competed at the first Battle Beach event where it did well, going 3-1. It then competed at Mechwars 6, where it won first place before competing in Steel Conflict 3, where it won second place.

Tornado Mer then competed in the Steel Conflict hosted Triangle Series Nationals where it went 2-2, retiring for good afterwards. Tornado Mer also competed at Robocide in between RCG-212, and RCG-301. It noutoriously tore itself apart in a fight with another robot, which is why it was held together with duct tape by RCG-301.


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