Village Idiot was a Middleweight robot built by Team Robot Village that registered to compete in LTRC-02. It was a red, four-wheeled, box wedge shaped robot armored in lexan, and armed with two powerful gas powered 16 inch vertical flywheels.

These proved quite powerful, and destructive. As although it ultimately did not compete in LTRC-02 it would later compete in the third North Carolina Robot Street Fight where it placed first after notably beating Hworf in the finals.

Outside LTRCEdit

The first versions of Village Idiot competed in BattleBots Seasons 3.0, and 4.0 where it did well, reaching the round of 16 in Season 3.0, and the round of 32 in 4.0. It also competed at the South East Robot Conflict hosted Farm Fights where it went 1-1.

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